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Questions to Answers: Unlocking Growth and Creativity Secrets

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Asking the Right Growth Questions for Self Discovery

Personal discovery and growth: diving into inner self


Which colours do you choose if you are designing a flag for a country? When you go to a farm, are you more afraid of a horse you do not know the name of? Which of the games you played in your childhood at least deserved to be forgotten? If a cat could speak like us, which foreign language would it be reminiscent of? If you could see your thoughts on a piece of paper, which colours and shapes would dominate?

The above questions, which you may have difficulty understanding at first sight, will start to engage your brain and ignite your imagination. As you begin to reach your answers, you will see that you have discovered yourself through questions you have never thought of before because every unanswered question comes in the form of a response.

It's widely recognised that curiosity and the act of posing questions are fundamental to understanding not just human nature, but also the fields of science, philosophy, art, and design.

Could an ordinary piece of paper be an art object? What are the easiest ways to use a phone? Why are seas blue when water is clear? What actions would make sense of our existence? Each answer you give will surely lead you to a better point.

However, choosing the right questions is more important than the answers on the basis of creativity and differentiation. According to the questions you choose to ask, you determine your life direction. As an innovator, I was fascinated to discover that I had already deliberated about anthropology, our relationships with objects and changing human habits in the post-modern world even before I thought about pursuing this vocation. These were the silent questions that I was asking myself every day.

But one of the biggest problems modern people face is the lack of time to ask questions in a life that accelerates, both materially and spiritually.

 During the day, we are surrounded by mass communication tools, office rush or daily tasks. However, in vital decisions that matter about your business life, as well as your personal life, you should spare enough time to sometimes think about the questions. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture will give you a chance to analyse, fix and focus on what is important for you.

"Am I on the right path for my dream career? Do we actually know what our customers want, or do we just rely on our guesses? Are we really up-to-date with the market or competitors? What are the issues on our brand image, and are we really determined to overcome these issues? Are we really efficient in our innovation practices?"

To ask the right questions about your career and business life, you just have to realise that virtual shell of life, routines and 'safe practices' that you are encased in and break free. Maybe it is time to sign up for a new course, introduce new practices into your business, take advice from a consultant for that long waiting issue or determine a weekly target for networking. It sounds easy, but it isn't. Unlocking growth and creativity requires courage to leave your comfort zone.

However, it is never too late to activate change and start to make continuous improvements on how you work and think. Change can be a cathartic experience that can bring you new challenges and perspectives. Go ahead and embrace that change.




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